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Dry Cleaning is notorious for using mixed chemicals to produce a highly visible, but not effective, cleaning agent. A frequently used chemical by the name of Percholorethylene, or Perc, has been linked to Kidney and Liver damage by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control); this chemical is known to cause dizziness, fatigue and nausea.

These chemicals are routinely left in the fibers of your flooring resulting in lengthy periods of exposure.

Another chemical typically used is called Naphthalene, the EPA says that it is toxic to the body’s Central Nervous System and possibly a carcinogen. Typically, these chemicals left in our homes act as a bond for germs and stains, no home or work space should ever be exposed to such aggressive cleaning agents. Would you rely on a company that isn’t looking out for your family’s health interest? Of course not, but now the question becomes who can I trust to deliver high quality cleaning without health concerns? Here at Aztech Cleanings we have been servicing homes and businesses all over San Diego County for over 10 years, all without harsh or caustic chemicals. We don’t use a dry chemical method like our competitors; instead, we use high-tech truck mounted machine that produces steam temperatures climbing up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. We flush our organic cleaning agents right into each fiber of your flooring. The high 450 psi solution spreads open your carpet’s fiber as it penetrates to the padding of your subflooring; in the same stroke we whisk away all contaminated water that we dispense of later. Each carpet fiber is twisted back upon itself that give you the carpet’s pile. Our method gently but effectively opens each fiber to give it the healthiest cleanse while still preserving the integrity of your investment. Organic cleaning is safe for our home and the environment, call us to get it right every time.

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