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Upholstery Cleaning
Keeping your upholstery in top notch condition:

Your flooring gets a lot of traffic use; however, carpet is designed to hide regular staining. Upholstery can show much more visible imperfections, we recommend that you have your furniture professionally cleaned every 1 – 6 months depending on use. 

How it is cleaned

First we pre-treat your upholstery with a recipe that is just as unique as your furniture pieces. We remove oil stains, which act as natural bonds for bacteria to live and grow. Do you have food stains? We extract food stains to revitalize your furniture and make it more healthy for your company and family. We use specialized hand attachment tools that hook up to our powerful truck mounted system. Using these hand held attachments allow us to give you a deep full service to all your upholstery. We service every inch of fabric on your sofas and chairs, including pillows at no extra cost!

Leathered Upholstery

If your home has leather furniture instead, don’t hesitate to think that it too needs to be cleaned regularly. With our leather cleaning we use a leather cleaner coupled with a natural soft bristle haired brush and gently work in the cleaning solution. We then use a soft microfiber cloth to remove excess cleaner, the best thing about the leather cleaner that we use is it also works as a conditioner. It is advised by professionals to keep your leather conditioned, keeping it regularly serviced will preserve the integrity, strength, and overall appearance of your leather pieces.

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