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Cleaning your windows can in the mind’s eye seem like an easy task; however, upon further inspection of the job’s details you realize this is going to take a while. Educate yourself before you dive into doing a DIY task or give a professional a call. First, consider what you want or need your end result to be, Second, call around to get estimates, Third, compare your options. We offer free estimates over the phone; however, if your job requires us to visit you we also offer free on-site estimates as well. We offer Full-Service window treatment where your screens are extracted, repaired if they need to be, washed, sills cleaned, track serviced, then wash and dry the window pane. Our Full-Service treatment is always the expected service for commercial clients as well as residential clients.

Commercial Clients:

Many of our clients rely on having pristine and presentable windows for their workspace environment. Studies show that clean windows are a determining factor of sales; don’t miss out on prospective clients or customers anymore. We are a professional crew servicing your business at the most convenient time for you so as not to disturb your business flow. We keep in consideration your clients and employees while servicing, we are discreet, efficient with no surprise clean up behind. You may have just remodeled or renovated your workspace; we service clients who are looking for an extra keen eye to detail. We offer post-construction window washing service to make your panes sparkle like they’re brand new.

Commercial Clients:

Solar panels area very efficient way to use renewable energy. However, your solar panel’s efficiency is only as good as how clean they are. Panels get dirty primarily from wind-blown dust and pollen, so there are 4 factors you need to consider about your solar panels.

Optional Services
  • 1: How often does it rain in my area?
  • 2: The tilt of your panels (the more horizontal, the dirtier)
  • 3: The amount of dust in your local area
  • 4: Rate of electricity in your area (The higher your bill, the more it makes sense to clean panels)

Do a visual inspection and if it appears there is a film over your panels it may be time to schedule for a professional cleaning.

Screen Repair:

As a homeowner or business you may think that you need to get your windows professionally serviced; one of the considerations you should take when calling around for a free estimate is if the company offers screen repair. We offer fair prices and onsite evaluation of your screen. You can always ask the technician when he is present at the job and add services that very day with no added pressure to commit.

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We use natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and have a customer satisfaction guarantee.

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